The First Touch

Today we had guest lessons from two iArts alumni Rowan and Hannah Eenhoorn.

The class was split into two, Rowan taught us how to be more present and together in the group by doing various teambuilding exercises.

Hannah gave us a quick lesson on video making. In about 25 minutes we had to make a simple 15 second video about the topic ‘The first touch’.

I worked together with Milena in creating the following video about the feeling of drinking water when you are really thirsty:

We tried to focus on the skin and the feeling of touch, while still having fun with the assignment. This went really smooth, as we instantly found all the items we needed to complete this idea in an empty room down the hallway. We were able to create this video without editing, just by pausing the recording and resuming. All was made in one take.

What do you think?

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