At the beginning of the day Vitor taught us the beginnings of thinking creatively with bots. Bots in this context being digital actors in an imagined creative intervention.

Throughout the day the class was split into groups, each tasked to come up with different scenario’s surrounding either one of the following premises:

  1. Nonhuman bill of rights
    Entities (forests, virus, AI) receives basic rights and also are taxed.
  2. The word normal is officially considered offensive.
    NL passes regulation on the use of the expression “Doe normaal” in government or schools.
  3. NL creates a controversial educational change on universities:
    No more art schools. Instead, art courses are obligatory for every program.

The scenario’s were sketched and written down on paper and collected for the class to discuss.

They were then further worked upon by creating a bot ‘actor’ that could fit within one of these scenarios.

At the end of the day we had to write a script and do a performance pretending to be our bot.

What do you think?

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