Spaghetti coding, culinary arts?

Issa’s masterplan

Turns out we were a bit too ambitious with our plans. It was very hard getting around the clunky UI of Google Dialogflow. A lot of the things we wanted to do are just not possible on this particular platform. We had to adjust our concept multiple times throughout the day.

This was frustrating for the group, we are after all working with very little time, and getting stuck on platform deployment errors and being unable to test the possibilities of the platform is a hard time learning.

The rest of group was able to do very useful things in the meantime; scouting a place for the performance creating prop and set designs, and improving / testing the dialogue.

Later in the day I managed to get a working bot after overhauling the flow of the dialogue. This was the flowchart design the rest of the group worked with throughout the day, which I later in the evening turned into the following so that it would be possible to program in Google Dialogflow.

The flowchart was then turned into the following instructions for our bot:

Trial and (a lot of) error

Then, after putting all the instructions into the bot… You guessed it; an error occurred. All the ‘code’ was gone, the project was empty.

Luckily I had the above screenshot to work with and still a fresh memory of my work. It took me about an hour to get everything back working.

After class the guest teachers noticed our frustration. They pressed us not to stress about the end result too much.

Well see…

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