Court is now in session

Today is the day we all displayed our works. We still had the morning and afternoon to finish up our ideas. So we spent that time planning out what our performance would look like. We brainstormed on the right location, the right way to decorate the space to create an appropriate atmosphere, and how we could make all of this one coherent experience.

We decided on using the big auditorium in the basement of the school. This place seemed perfect (Saskia jokingly calls this the Stasi bunker). It seems like the perfect atmosphere for a dystopian show-trail.

Iman came up with a logo for our dystopian judge bot leader. And we decided to put these on banners. We also decided to create an abstract physical object that would represent our judge Bot.

We did a couple test runs with teachers and a general repetition in the space we created. After this we decided we were done. Time to take a break and wait for the evening.

It was very interesting to see all the other groups perform with / around their bots. They came up with very unique ideas and possibilities surrounding the medium.

Since we had our presentation downstairs we were the last group to do a performance. And it went very well. We got the audience to participate, we created a unique courtroom atmosphere and the bot worked throughout the performance without any glitches.

Afterwards we all had a good time drinking and dancing outside with the guests and our teachers.

It was a tiring but great experience.

What do you think?

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