Reflections and praise

Saskia started the day by reflecting on what went right and what could have gone better yesterday regarding our performances and managing the audience. Overall it was great that most groups had done something to give their bots a physical aspect. We all had great performances and great surprises for the audience.

Next time it would be better to focus a bit more on audience management, in between and after our performances. When we were done everyone immediately went for the drinks, which is fine. But it would have been nice to have the audience interact with the bots and talk to the groups a bit more.

Since last year everything was digital, this was our first real live exhibition with everyone present; managing a large audience was something new to us. It was good to learn this though.

After reflecting it was time for everyone to take a break and later meet up again at the Academy of performance arts (toneel academie / toenail academy).

It was time to receive our propedeuse (certificate for completing the first year). Tony and Nina, our first year mentors, hosted this event.

One by one we were called to sit on the trauma blanket throne to have them talk about our iArts journey so far. It was an emotional moment for many.

I was just happy to have survived the first year.

After this event was over some of us had to rush back to the iArts building to help with the graduation event for the previous batch of 3rd years.

After a bumpy ride (my bike tire exploded on the way) we made it and helped load some plant pots decorated by the first years into Tony’s car.

After dropping my broken bike and Sammy off at home I went on to help back at the academy of performance arts. After hanging a bunch of decorations, inflating tons of balloons and getting dizzy because of it, the time had come for the guests to enter the room.

After enjoying the show for about half an hour I got super tired from all the work I had done, so I went home and fell asleep on the couch.

What do you think?

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