Intuitive Writing

We were tasked to write stories in groups of three. Each person had 6 minutes to intuitively write one third of a story following the prompt: A bus has broken down next to the road.

Written By Celestin
You know how there are only two types of bus drivers?
They’re either super nice, smiling and waving back at you when you get off, making sure you have a good time going from A to B.
Or they are the grumpy old type, where you can just see that they’re waiting to collect their pension.
Every day misery, counting down, waiting until the time they can finally get off drivers seat and into a hammock on the beach.
Yeah, we’re dealing with a number two here. So good luck dealing with that.” – John said
“Maybe we can persuade him?” – said Marie
“No I don’t think she’s the type” – John said with a smirk
“She?” – Marie frowned
“Yes this bus is going nowhere now”

Written by Dide
Said Sandra
‘I’m disgusted’
‘Yeah, the smell of vomit is way over the top, but let me remind you that John is the one who wanted to save money and take the wonky route through the Swiss mountains.’ Marie said with a smirk.
‘At Least we’re seeing something other than shitty highway gas stations’ Said John before he was interrupted by the recurring presence.
As they watched the bus driver get back in, with a face that showed a very clear emotion.

Written by Cleo
The guy in front of them ran to the toilet.
‘Great, another puker’ said Marie.
‘6 hours to go guys!’ said John, and because of that comment everybody grunted.
4 hours passed; everybody fell in a nauseously sleep but woke up because of the bus stopping abruptly. They hear a weird noise coming from under the bus.
‘Guys?! What is happening? Do you hear that as well?’ Sandra said while looking out of the window.
‘Looks like there is coming smoke out of the bus’ John said.
The bus driver stands up and shouts annoyed; ‘Everybody out of the bus! There is a problem, I called the nearest garage, and they are on their way!’
And on that note, the whole bus sighed.

Written by Cleo
It is pouring as I stand on the side of the road.
It’s already getting darker and the bus repair man still hasn’t arrived.
An hour ago, the passenger bus that I and around 20 others were in broke down in the middle of nowhere.
People are getting uneasy as the sun disappears under the mountains and a cold blanket covers us.
Nobody expected rain as it has been sunny for the past couple of weeks.

Written By Celestin
“God damnit” – I heard someone say
“The goddamn bus is leaking…”
The water is slowly dripping down the windows of the bus.
“It’ll stop soon, it’s just condensation” – Said the bus driver
“It doesn’t look like it’s ‘just condensation’.” – Mike jokingly said.
“Half an hour went by since the last call and there’s still no one here. Is anyone even coming?” – One of the passengers exclaimed.
Looking outside of the bus it is now pitch black. I can see some lights in the distance. It seems to be a repeating pattern, perhaps it’s a lighthouse?

Written by Dide
At that moment, they realised. It wasn’t just a useless wooden fence they stopped next to, shielding them from a field
The lighthouse signalled a different environment than they expected.
After confidently obeying the command to stay in the bus, for hours on end,
They finally took a moment to look down, realising the cliff their front left wheel was resting on, sporting a 5m drop.
And as the rain kept pouring, the water was rising, and the bus started filling up.

Written by Dide
What did happen,
When we were expecting him,
Everyone was in on the plot
Returning from Spain with the risk of blood clots in their old purple legs
But that’s okay
Because it was cheap and warm
And what more do you need if the bus driver is taking time to play the top hits of the 70s
An extra hour wouldn’t matter
Especially not on his last day
5 x 8
4 x 40
12 x 160
40 x 1920

Written by Cleo
He has worked this job for over 40 years and now, finally, the last day has come.
He is going to miss his job though, the conversations he had with all the people he transported, the places he has been.
But every time he is gone, which is a lot, he misses his wife. After today, he can be with his wife for the rest of his life.
The road is slippery and has a lot of curves.
The bus driver noticed he is getting tired, every time he blinks, his eyes stay shut for a little longer.
But he can’t stop, he is already an hour late.

Written by Celestin
Perhaps he shouldn’t have drank all those coffees.
It appears to be giving him the shakes, or could he perhaps be nervous?
After all, he had been waiting for this day since… well forever really.
Thanks to the developing mist it was slowly getting harder and harder to see the road. The lack of sleep wasn’t helping either.
Just a couple more kilometers and it would all be over, so he thought.
Then something in the corner of his eyes, catches the bus drivers attention…
There she is the bus drivers wife, at the side of the road.
Could this be real? He was thinking.
It had to be, but how could she be all the way out here?
The bus driver decided to stop the bus next to the side of the road.

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