Philosophical Session

After our writing class we had to rush to the other building for the Philosophy session by Laurens Landeweerd.

There were initially only 15 minutes scheduled between the classes.

Since I had raised the concern over the cramped schedule last week, Laurens gave us some extra time to arrive.

This session was scheduled for both first and second years. It was more of an introduction to Laurens and what his classes are about.

At the end of his presentation we were tasked with finding the ‘Genius Loci‘ of the building we were in (Brusselseweg 150).

Since I studied at this building about 5 years ago I still knew a lot of pathways that could certainly be considered ‘the long way out’.

Along with a small group of other students we did a bit of urban exploration trough the upper floors and even the basement of the building.

We ended this expedition by going out through a rather abnormal exit.

After exiting the building we noticed a security guard in front of the main exit, could he have been looking for us? We decided to not wait and find out, and we went home.

If I had to guess what the genius loci of the building is, it’s either poor baby Jesus (since church) or storage closets. A lot of the rooms, especially in the basement, were used to store all kinds of crap.

What do you think?

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