Creative Writing

For todays creative writing session we had the following assignment:

Write a short story with this setting: The main character receives or finds a letter. Max 300 words.

In class we were paired and discussed stories in groups. Together with Lucia I discussed the stories written by Cleo and Noelia.

Below is the story I wrote for this class:

Elliot. A short story written by Celestin. (298 words)

**beep beep**

That must be my alarm.
How do I turn this thing off again…
Maybe the big button on top?


Okay, that did the job.
I’m feeling hungry.
Perhaps I should go look for Elliot.
Knowing him I’ll likely find him having his fourth croissant in the hotel restaurant.
His side of the bed has already gone cold.
Oh there’s a note placed on top of my clothes.

Clothes for Wednesday

Did Elliot pick these for me?
He’s always so busy with his work.
The alarm say’s it’s Thursday.
I guess we can all make a little mistake sometimes.
I’ll wear these then.
A nice new ensemble in my favorite color; green.
Fit’s perfectly, I look very classy.
I guess I’ll head down to the hotel lobby then.
The other guests are very friendly here, they all greet me with a smile.
I forgot what kind off work Elliot was here for again.
I think it was some sort of business deal.
The people here don’t look like business people to me.
As I look into the hotel restaurant my Elliot is nowhere to be seen.
What is he up to?
Maybe I can ask the staff if they’ve seen my Elliot.

Staff: Elliot? Sir, I think it’s best if you go to your room now.
Me: Do you mean he’s cheating on me?
Staff: I don’t have time for this.

The man left.
That was strange, what does he know?
I guess I’ll go to the hotel room then.
I better not bust Elliot with another one of his fans again.
As I enter my hotel room I notice a letter on the table.

Elliot is no longer here.
My friend Leo will visit today.
He is nice.
I have dementia.

What do you think?

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