Creative Writing – The wounded Deer

We got the following assignment for our creative writing class:

Write a bare dialogue between two people (‘one act’) who are looking at the painting ‘The Wounded Deer’ by Frida Kahlo. Max 300 words.
You can record the dialogue and send the video. Please also send the text.

The class started an hour late because our teacher, Petra got into a traffic accident. After waiting and reading everyone’s stories we had to perform them.

Below you can read my story.

The Wounded Deer – Celestin Albers

“Well it’s certainly weird, 5 against 4 then. What about the next one?” – Mike asked Mia.
“Oh… This painting is very normal.” – Mia replied calmly.
“It’s a deer in the forest. Typical Discovery channel scenario. It’s wounded by arrows.
Likely hunted. There’s blood all over the deer. And it’s jumping over a leafy stick. It’s all
very natural, very normal.” – They explained.
“Hmm… so not weird?” – Mike asked just a bit too loud.
“Normal.” Mia quickly replied, hesitating a little.
“Well… It does has a human head… With uhhm. Antlers.” – Mia added.
“Yea, that is weird.”Mike said.
“Okay… perhaps you’d just need to see it to know.” Mia mockingly jabbed.
“Well… I judge that it’s weird. So that’s a total of 6 against 4, that settles it then. I knew it.
Art is weird. Let’s get something to eat.” Mike proclaimed.
“Just shut up and watch your step dude.” Mia said with a sigh.

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