But… Will It Blend?

For the opening scene of Dead End I want to have an establishing shot of the Maas river with futuristic looking cars flying over it. This would be a shot that would be very hard to do without 3D modeling. So naturally I turned to Blender; the open source software that I’ve used before while modeling my Bee Flat design.

The GIF’s have bad compression, I’m aware. They are just for illustrative purposes.

First I had to find a way to import geodata into blender. This was a bit tricky to get working. After following this tutorial I got a decently recognizable view of the maas river.

Now it was time to try to get a more pixelated look out of the rendered images, this is after all the style of the project. After a little bit of adjustment, I got the following nodes to make it work.

Next up was finding a way to add a bunch of flying cars; luckily blender has particle systems to make this work.

After creating two differently colored vehicle models, it was a matter of following another tutorial and voila, flying cars. Sounds easy right? Took me all night to get it working (._.) But at last it was working.

Next up; A nice splash of colour. There’s a nice addon for easily creating a ‘skybox’ which is a large image surrounding my digital set. After a couple minutes of tweaking, I got this result.

What do you think?

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