Tools, programs and sources

Throughout the past few weeks people keep asking me what program I use to make my animations.

Below I’ve compiled a list of tools that assisted me in creating my animation:


An awesome 3D modeling and rendering tool (amongst others). I also used this to edit and export the final video sequence. Since I hate Adobe with the passion of a thousand burning suns, learning the blender VSE was something I’ve always wanted to do. This project finally gave me the chance. Blender is great. 10/10, can recommend. And you can’t beat that price, Blender will always be completely free.


A pixel art editor. The best out there, in my opinion.

I used this for creating most of the sprites within my animation. Worth the price if you’re into making pixel art.


This person does not exist.
Ai generated people. I used this for the protagonist in my animation. This was then further given movement by an AI to make it seems even more lifelike.

Pixel FX Designer

A tool for creating particle systems in a pixel art style. Used for the rain and snow effects.


A free web-based alternative to Photoshop. Again, I’m not a fan of Adobe and will always do my best to use an alternative. Photopea offers a lot of the basic photoshop functions I need for photo editting.


A website full of copyright free stock photos. Available for free, without permission and with a commercial license.

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