The ANSI exhibition

They say good artists copy, great artists steal,
and revolutionary ones use cheap labor to mass produce a product.
I invited people to join my research lab at the AINSI, and meet my digital assistant KAIvin.

When you ask the internet for answers you often get strange results.
Algorithms are in place to guide you to a certain outcome.
Often, that outcome is to sell you something.

But sometimes, the internet gives you exactly what you need.

Thanks, internet.

The Exhibition

The Making of

What does the computer feel?
How does it feel about your decisions?

Questions that came up often during our AI classes.
I thought it was a bit silly, computers have no feelings.
AI’s are only capable of making predictions, they have no emotions after all.

But what if they did? What if they can feel things; happy and sad. Bored perhaps?
Would they want to take drugs? Why?
How would they even experience them?
I asked AI for answers to these questions.

The result is an interactive installation where you can interact with my research assistant KAIvin.

What do you think?

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