NFT Auction

I will be auctioning some of my artworks as Cardano NFT’s.

For those not in the know, ADA (₳ is Cardano’s currency) uses significantly less energy to handle transactions, one my main gripes with a lot of other crypto currencies. It also has native tokens, meaning that no smart contracts are needed to trade NFT’s, resulting in relatively low and predictable transaction costs.

For now I will mint and auction my works on

My NFT’s will be created and auctioned in batches with a policy that locks one week after creation, during that week only 1 NFT will be made. Meaning the NFT will never again be issued after that point. The policy also includes a 15% royalty on every sale.

(PolicyID = 7ddb99350f5480327a8d1a16eea1d6d082fa6611b2e043b5ba25c1ad)

Currently Auctioning

These works are currently available for you to bid your ₳DA on.


Acrylic paint on cardboard, digitally altered. One of a kind. Original artwork fully created by interdisciplinary artist Celestin Albers.


Acrylic on canvas. An original artwork fully created by Celestin Albers.


Colored A4 Papers on a wall with a recursively projected image of itself on top. This work was displayed in the Dr. Ghuislain museum of psychiatry as part of the Encephalon exhibition. An original artwork fully created by Celestin Albers.

Check out my NFT’s on